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PGA Tour Golf Academy

Our golf instruction experiences are hosted at The PGA TOUR Golf Academy in St. Augustine, FL.

Golf-Body Evaluation

If you’re looking to be more successful at any objective, understanding where you currently stand is key. Golf is no different. For anyone looking to enhance their golfing ability, longevity, and success on the course it is vital to investigate and assess your physical strengths and weaknesses. Going through the Golf-Body Evaluation with a Golf Fitness Professional is the start to better understanding your body and help provide a roadmap to success for the future. Whether past injuries, lack of mobility, or lack of awareness have held you back in the past, this evaluation will help highlight your strong areas and areas needing improvement to get the most out of your body and game.

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Ala Carte Programs

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Foundation Series

Education and awareness are two essential pieces for success. Many tools in life come with instructional manuals. Our bodies unfortunately do not. We all basically know how to move but due to habits, past injuries, and our living/working situations we can lose our abilities to move in the most efficient ways.

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Mobility Series

Golf may not seem like a tasking sport to some as it is a non-contact and an individual sport. Those that play and practice frequently, regardless of skill level, understand that there is not only a mental but physical commitment to staying sharp and strong throughout a season. The ability to maintain good posture, optimal joint range of motion and flexibility, endurance, as well as avoiding injuries are all crucial to having a successful golf season.

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Strength Series

Once the Foundational Education Program has been set, students will have a better opportunity to be successful, avoid injury, etc when taking on a strength and power program. Most ideal for OFFSEASON as there will be more workload on the body/tissues which may not be most suitable to maintaining overall mobility and range of motion in the timeframe. Ground force reaction and how energy is transferred throughout the body will be a continuous focus in all exercises.

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Speed Series

Creating speed is not just about moving faster or giving more effort, but about moving more efficiently and executing correctly. A lot of students have a higher speed threshold available but have not tapped into this due to “trying too hard”, having counterproductive motor patterns from previous sports, or simply not being aware of how to do so. This is where education and understanding really comes into play.

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