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PGA Tour Golf Academy

Our golf instruction experiences are hosted at The PGA TOUR Golf Academy in St. Augustine, FL.

Scratch from 50-Short Game Scoring with Todd Jones

It’s time to increase your enjoyment of the game. It’s time to shoot lower scores. It’s time for the “Scratch from 50” short game scoring school. The key to achieving this lies in learning how to score inside of 50 yards. Most of our score lies within this distance to the hole. Yet it is the area of the game that is often overlooked. The “Scratch from 50” school will focus on the four key short game scoring zones, Putting – Chipping – Pitching – Bunker Play.

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Golf School with Anne Cain

Looking for a golf instruction experience that is tailored to your specific needs and goals? Work with Master Instructor, Anne Cain to design a personalized instruction program just for you. The PGA TOUR Golf Academy custom school experience with Anne offers students the opportunity to build a unique learning schedule focused on developing game fundamentals focused on specific disciplines, or work on their entire game. Train in a one-on-one setting or learn with a friend and enjoy two-on-one instruction.

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Greenside Scoring

In the Greenside Scoring Experience you will learn the key techniques that you will need to get the ball close to the hole when faced with shots around the putting surface, as well as a shot selection process that will allow you to choose the best shot and club for any given situation.

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Putting Lab

Experience the world’s leading putt coaching and training system – Sam PuttLab. Using this state-of-the-art technology, we will analyze all the important parameters of your putting stroke. This in-depth analysis allows us to develop a customized training program to improve your technique, make more putts, and shoot lower scores.

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Green Reading

In the Green Reading Experience, you will learn the key factors that control break, how to identify and quantify slope, predict exact break amounts, as well as how to train good capture speed.

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Custom Wedge Fitting

Dial in your wedges – Dial in your score! Wedge play is one of the biggest factors in scoring for a golfer. Being able to control your distance, manage various lies, and hit your intended target is extremely important. Having the right mixture of wedges with the proper specifications influences all of this.

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Club Fitting

PGA TOUR Golf Academy club fitting philosophy is to blend the education of club fitting with instruction. This approach allows a player to be fit for long-term progression and development rather than any current compensation. Each student will be provided with the proper equipment to maximize their performance in all facets of the game.

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From stay and play packages to golf schools and private lessons, our team of professional and seasoned planners will work with you to ensure that all of your golf experience dreams are met.

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