Golf School Lite

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PGA Tour Golf Academy

Our golf instruction experiences are hosted at The PGA TOUR Golf Academy in St. Augustine, FL.

Program Overview

Golf School Lite programs are designed for golfers of all skills sets to get your game moving in the right direction. The first step to getting better at the game of golf is getting good information in the right order with the appropriate game plan. PGA TOUR Golf Academy Lite Schools focus on half days of instruction, providing ample opportunity for afternoon activities such as playing golf, going to the beach, club-fitting, or a relaxing afternoon at the spa.

Golf School Lite

Our Golf School Lite programs include:

  • 3-hours of instruction (9am – 12pm)
  • Personalized instruction (4:1 Ratio)
  • Custom School (1:1 or 2:1 Ratio)
  • 1-Day Schools every Sat, Mon or Fri
  • 2-Day Schools every Sat-Sun
  • 3-Day Schools every Mon-Wed and Fri-Sun
  • View schedules (1-Day Lite | 2-Day Lite | 3-Day Lite | Golf School with Anne Cain)

To book your golf school experience without accommodations, click on the link below to make your reservation online. Accommodations available upon request. Ask your Experience Coordinator about adding a round of golf or a playing lesson with your instructor.

Golf School Lite Program

1 Half-Day $395

2 Half-Day $695

3 Half-Day $895

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