How Do You Vacation?

At Golf Experiences, we know that no two golf trips are the same – that everyone likes to vacation in their own way. With so many golf destinations to choose from, it can be difficult to take that first step towards planning the ultimate getaway.

Don’t waste your time researching where to go, just let us know why you’re traveling! Booking with Golf Experiences gives you access to the country’s top rated courses and a team of experts to help you get there.

So what type of vacationer are you?

The Avid Golfer

The traveler interested in a true golf getaway, where 36 holes per day is hardly enough. Your day begins and ends on the course, and once the round is over, the evening is spent tallying up strokes, rehashing that 25 ft birdie putt, and preparing for the next day’s pairings. Our recommendations:



The Large Group Outing Planner

Finally planning that destination golf trip with your group of golf buddies… it’s about time! For large groups, we suggest a destination with quality yet reasonable courses on property, with access to additional non-golf amenities to entertain the entire group. Some of our group favorites:



The Leisure Golfer

When planning a trip where golf may be included, but is not the primary focus. This traveler wants to get 18 in at a premier resort course, but is primarily interested in some serious R&R while away. Access to a pool and/or beach is preferred, and local attractions are a must. We’ve got a few perfect places in mind:



The Family Vacation Golfer

It’s time for the annual family vacation, but who says that can’t include a round of golf or two? We’ve got a few courses in mind that are perfect for this traveler, with family friendly facilities on property and access to local activities that will even keep the teenage kids entertained. Destinations include:



The Decisive Golfer

Already have a destination in mind? Let us know where you want to go and our team of Experience Coordinators will help you plan the ultimate getaway!

Start Planning!