TPC Dorado Beach

Dorado Beach is located on the pristine northern coast of The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, a U.S. territory in the Northeastern Caribbean, a little more than 1,000 miles from Miami.

Area Attractions

Plaza las Americas

Puerto Rico has the largest shopping center in the Caribbean. Plaza las Americas is a very modern shopping center that features over 300 stores selling everything from pottery and fashion clothing to local cuisine.

The Arecibo Observatory

The Observatory operates on a continuous basis, 24 hours a day, every day, providing observing time, electronics, computer, travel, and logistic support to scientists from all over the world. As the site of the world’s largest single-dish radio telescope, the Observatory is recognized as one of the most important national centers for research in radio astronomy, planetary radar and terrestrial aeronomy.

Bacardi Distillery

Visitors to the Puerto Rico home of The BACARDI rum can enjoy a free interactive tour through history, observe the production process and experience the party spirit of BACARDI brand. An unwavering attention to detail and historical accuracy creates a rich, authentic atmosphere that is both educational and entertaining.


Salt-water fishing, particularly deep-sea fishing, is popular, with several billfish tournaments held off the coast. Shallow-water fishing is also practiced on the island, and there’s excellent tarpon fishing. For shallow-water fishing, take a skiff to the coastal mangroves. For deep sea fishing, boats can be chartered in San Juan, Fajerdo and Arecibo, which are close to the Atlantic’s Puerto Rico Trench, dubbed Blue Marlin Alley.